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Basic Facts About True Poker Rakeback

True Poker is not new. In fact, it had been around in the early days of online poker. Until now, it has been a steady and reliable poker site. If you want to sign up, you will receive a 27% True Poker rakeback; this is for new accounts and also for points race and network wide rake race. Just remember that when you sign up, you should not use the program of the True Poker’s refer a friend because it will prevent you from receiving your rakeback, which will be disappointing on your part. Here are the details that you should take note of:

basic facts about true poker rakeback

  • When you make your first deposit, up to 100% or $1,000 sign up bonus will be given. In order for you to get the bonus, you should first earn 55 points for every $1 of your bonus money and 5.5 points should also be earned for every $1 raked. Once you will be clearing a bonus with rakeback, it will give you a total of 37% rakeback and the great thing about it is that the bonus will not expire.
  • Promotions of True Poker:
    • Deposit bonus that is mentioned above.
    • When signing up, it will make you eligible for the $25,000 points race.
    • Refer a program will give you 3-9% of your friend’s rakeback program if he or she is referred to the True Poker’s rakeback.
    • Being part of their VIP program will give you special free rolls and prizes.
    • You can use your points to join their special daily free rolls.
  • Banking Options:
At True Poker, you will feel that the room is just a small community. Even though it’s not that constant in its traffic, there are still plenty of weak and aggressive players in it. True Poker is also generous and rewards are very easy to redeem.
  • For deposit: Moneybookers, Neteller, Mastercard, Visa, MyCitadel, Instadebit, UsemyBank and checks.
  • For withdrawal: Moneybookers, Neteller, Clicktopay, MyCitadel, UsemyBank and checks

What You Need to Know About Omaha Rakeback Calculator

Are you an avid player of Omaha poker? And have you tried using an Omaha rakeback calculator? Why don’t we get to know what a rakeback calculator is first? It will give you an approximation of rakeback calculation once you enter your rake back percentage, the number of hands you play and the stake level you play. So if you want to know the rakeback calculation for your Omaha game, then, you should use this tool. Below are the details that you should know:
what you need to know about omaha rakeback calculator
  • The results may be different from the payments for the rakeback because it will only give you an approximation and not the exact calculation.
  • Poker sites may use different processes of calculating the rakeback like the deal and contributed methods which are the most common. The number of players and types of players will affect the amount of rake generated at the certain table where you are playing.
  • Using this tool is a good way to manage your bankroll.
  • You get a percentage of the rakeback cash returned to you about 27% to 40%. You can receive the money directly or through an affiliate depending on the site where you are playing.
  • Arrangements will have to be made with the rakeback deal where an affiliate will pool many players together in order to get the best rate of the poker site.
  • It will depend on the site where you get the deal from the affiliate. You will be the one who will manage your accounts using your log-in ID and you can also cash out your money from this poker site or use an e-wallet.
  • Special trackers are used in some other sites that are handling “in-house? rakeback deals.
  • It is difficult to sign up an account with a poker site without a rakeback. You need to simply download the right link and bonus codes when signing up for a deal.
  • It is highly recommended for Omaha players not to play a single hand until you have your rakeback in place for the bigger pots.

Always see to it that you understand the ways to avoid getting disappointed in the long run.

The Best Poker Rakeback Deals That You Need To Know

Are you looking for websites that offer the best poker rakeback deals? If you are, it will not be as easy as you think. In fact, there are a lot of sites that have really enticing offers which make you want to sign up right on after seeing their ads. But it shouldn’t be that way since you need to look for the site that you find most appealing and that can give you more benefits if compared to all the other ones out there. Here are some details and advices that you will want to know about rakeback deals: 
how to get the best poker offers
  • Rakeback deals are mostly administered by dedicated rakeback sites and affiliates for poker room where you need to sign up for a rakeback by choosing a website that offers it.
  • It is considered the best rakeback deal if you are able to withdraw your online funds any time and not just every 15th of the month or types of pay day.
  • The provider for the rakeback should be able to pay and they are 100% legitimate.
  • They should be able to offer the best rakeback calculation.
  • Details are clear in terms of the amount of rakeback that you will get if bonuses and other promotions will have an impact with it such as deductions and the like. This way, you will be able to know who can provide the best rakeback deal.
  • They should be able to show how they calculate the rake and whether they give you the credits for every hand you deal or whether you have to contribute to a raked pot to get credits. It will be better to check before signing up to any of those sites.
  • You should check the traffic of the website especially with the type of stake or game that you usually play. You will get better deals with a website that is very active and busy.
  • Do not be enticed right away with rooms that offer the highest rakeback deal. As a matter of fact, poker network or smaller rooms that are attracting new players have the highest percentage deals.
  • It is better for you to accept lower percentage deals, but only slightly, for you to play on popular sites that have huge number of players.
  • You should also take advantage of the special rakeback promos that the sites offer, but always remember to read first the terms. Although most of them are free where it can add up to thousands of free money to your account, it is still best for you to make sure that it doesn’t impact the payments on your rakeback.

the best poker rakeback deals that you need to know

Full Tilt Poker Rakeback Uses Reward System

Before, Full Tilt poker used to offer real rakeback deals. Full Tilt Poker Rakeback was re-launched in November last year. Today, Full Tilt does not offer its players rakeback deals. Instead, it offers loyalty system called the Edge Rewards VIP program that offers cash payments when a player earns Full Tilt Points.

full tilt poker rakeback uses reward system

The difference between cashback and rakeback lies in the amount that will be handed to the players. Players get a flat percentage of the preliminary payment in rake in rakeback whereas loyal players in cashback can get 29.5%. This is because the amount of the rate of the returned amount varies on the number of times you participate in the game. In brief, the more you play, the higher your VIP level, the more points you have.
The Edge program has 5 VIP Levels which are bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. To earn points, you need to sign up and participate in Full Tilt tournaments and money games. Your status depends on the rolling average that is gained for specific qualifying time frame. This is to ensure that players (who play rare but in longer sessions and play frequently but in short sessions) are equally rewarded.An example of earning points: a player gets 10 Full Tilt Points for each dollar paid in Scheduled Tournament on Sit & Go fees. Players can earn unlimited number of points per tournament. To earn more Full Tilt points, you can take advantage of the Full Tilt Happy Hour Promo. This doubles or triples the points earned on certain tables on scheduled times. You can check the Happy Hour Schedules on Full Tilt website.Once a player reaches a certain VIP level or status, he can take part in many table tournaments. Those who are in bronze level can sign up for two exclusives free roll tournaments. Cashbacks are paid on a weekly basis on a player’s status.

Interesting Info About Ultimate Bet Rakeback

Before anything else, do you happen to know what a rakeback is? A rakeback is a scaled commission fee. It is usually taken by a card room operating poker games. It is also a way of rewarding players to continue playing on their site. Online poker sites or their affiliate partners give back a part of the tournament or rake entries that the player paid for as an incentive. Websites offer rakebacks to entice the players to keep on playing. With regards to ultimate bet rakeback, a lot of people really like it because of its interesting offers. Below are the details why it is very attractive to sign up with ultimate bet.

interesting info about ultimate bet rakeback

  • It offers large bonus to new players which is 111% or $1,100 first deposit. Depositing as much as you can with ultimate bet will give you far more benefits.
  • It also offers 30% rakeback.
  • It offers and 80% reload bonus which is equivalent to $250. If you always withdraw your profits, depositing later will make you benefit from such offer. Most of the card rooms do not offer reload bonus that much. But with ultimate bet, it has made a lot of people stay because of it.
  • It is more fun at ultimate bet because the traffic is great, which means there are a lot of players who want action in the game. Their offers for their tournaments are also fantastic.
  • Ultimate Bet is famous for its exotic game called Aruba Classic which happens every year at the island of Aruba in the Caribbean Sea. Winning packages for the Aruba Classic can be won by competing in cheap satellite tournaments.
  • To keep things simple for the players, ultimate bet has special betting options called “bet pot? and it also supports multi-tabling.
  • Competition is not too tough but there are still really good players at the tables every now and then.
  • Another reason for you to apply for rakeback at ultimate bet is that when you play low limit, the rake is a bit higher compared to an average poker room.
  • Bonus code is UB200.
  • Bonus is awarded in increments of $5.
  • There are 5 levels that you should know: Member, Player, Contender, Legend and Icon.

interesting info about ultimate bet rakeback

Ultimate bet is not really a big operation if compared to other poker sites. However, you will really find players every single day. Now you know why some people like it: try it now and experience the fun.

Tips for Winning Poker Online

Playing the poker online is much different than the mortar and brick poker. Apart from the environment, there is a great deal difference between the two that winning poker online can be difficult at first even for those who are aces in their local poker games. Below will help you become a better online poker player:
  • Play within your means.
    In brief, this means managing your bankrolls. A good advice is to never buy to a Sit & Go with more than 5% of your total bankroll. 5% is conservative enough as some would even go 10%. Do not go into multi-table tournaments instantly. Try your luck in one-table tournaments such as Sit & Go to gain experience.
  • Know your odds in winning.
    The beauty of online poker is that you can know the odds of winning by using software. Several poker rooms have odds calculator to their poker software.
  • Watch the experts.
    Visit forums and participate. You can ask questions as there are surely plenty of big guns who are willing to answer your questions. Although they play on higher levels, you can still use their techniques and strategies to your own game. Apart from this, you can also watch training videos to improve your skills and experience.
  • Look for guaranteed tournaments.
    This type of tournament guarantees the prize pool regardless of the player who signed up. The buy-ins are cheap and if these do not equate to the prize, they will cover the rest. To make most of guaranteed tournaments, go for tournaments with less number of players since the poker room will cover a large portion. High traffic poker room rarely offers this type of tournament, which makes you stick to small rooms with low traffic.

To improve your chance of winning poker online, don’t play when you’re frustrated, bored or sad. The reason behind it is that you may end up playing too many hands or involving with higher stakes. This will eventually lead you to lose. If you are bored during the game, find ways to distract yourself to avoid such pitfall.

How to Get the Best Poker Offers

Entertainment value aside, everyone wants to be a millionaire in poker. But how can you improve your gameplay to take advantage of the best poker offers both offline and online? Here are some tips:

Make Some Poker Friends

If you think that you have already mastered the techniques of poker, then you are wrong. You may be surprised by the tactics that your poker friends pull on you. To network poker friends, participate in forums, blogs or you can create your own blog. If you have already established your name on the forum, or your blog, you can start asking for different opinions and strategies. The perk of having online friends is that you get to meet them for real in some tournaments, etc. If you are a beginner, you can make a video of yourself playing and upload this on forums. Let others critique your game and point out your leaks. This will give you chance to improve your game.

Hire A Coach

This is can be costly but worth it. If you are really serious with poker then hiring a good coach is one step toward mastering poker. There are plenty of poker coaches out there, you just have to make sure that they are good coaches. A good poker player does not mean a good poker coach, be wary of this. A good coach will study your game and will identify your leaks. He will provide methods for plugging leaks and help improve your poker playing

Participate In Training Websites

Training websites can greatly help you in improving your poker play. There are incredible and comprehensive videos that you can find out there. If you want to make certain that the training is worth the price, you can take advantage of websites that offer free trial. Videos posted on these sites are created by their regular coaches. This being said, you can also search for your personal poker coach from any of these sites. Once you become skilled and keen on playing poker, you can easily find leaks from other players. Watching tournaments can also help you.

Poker has an element of risk like any other casino games. No matter how good you are in the game, there’s no guarantee that you will win. As a rule, never expect to win in poker but plan to. Don’t make poker your job. Loosen up and enjoy the game

Tracking Your Gameplay on Free Play Poker sites

If you are new to playing poker on websites online, you can always try your luck first on free play poker sites. Playing on these websites does not only provide you good entertainment but it also enriches your experience. You can also keep track and review your play.
Hand histories let players review their play. Some of the websites allow you to have an email report of your most recent hands plated that can be 100 or so. Hand histories are detailed, giving you record of the hand as well as each betting action, hands shown during the showdown and the pot size. Meanwhile, some instantly allow you to bring up a recent hand without the email request. You can even request for the recent tournament activity you have participated through an email. The best part that hand histories is of big help is it can be used as record keeping program input for your performance as well as your opponents.This is because there are plenty of sites that let you see your own session statistics. Session statistics summarizes your gameplay during your current login session. The session statistics usually includes the number of hands you have played, percentage of time you won the hand as well as the percentage of time you folded. Session statistics isn’t of much help though as it does not show you the number of times you win.

Poker Tracker Software

There are tools that are especially designed to track your poker records which are categorized in two. The first category is dedicated for online poker games that can instantly record hand history emails in the database. The second category is made to track games not just for online poker but to the brick and mortar type of game too.

How To Get Rakeback

Rake is the only way that poker rooms can make money. This is because unlike online casinos, players aren’t wagering against the house, they are wagering against the players. There are two kinds of fees, one of which is collected from entrance fees charged during tournaments and the other is the ring game pots.Now the question is, how to get rakeback? Rakeback is a good way to save rake in poker rake costs. More so, rakeback is legal that even most sites process the rakebacks to your account themselves. Everyone can receive rakeback regardless of the frequency of their play or the amount of the stakes. As long as the player signs up to a rakeback poker room, he can get rakeback when they play for real.To get a rakeback, you need to sign up on poker websites that offer rakeback deal. Although the steps vary in each site, the process basically includes clicking on a link to visit the website. You are directed to the page via special bonus code after which your username is sent to the website. If you want to get rakeback, you should sign up to a website that you don’t have an account. Generally, poker sites do not allow their existing player to switch to rakeback.

To calculate each player’s rake contribution, poker rooms use two methods: the shared and contributed. Shared method divides the rake evenly among all players who were dealt cards. An example is if there are ten players with $1 as a total rake, each would receive 10 cents of rake. For the contributed method, the players should contribute money to the pot to achieve the assigned rake. The rake that the player will get is proportional to the amount he contributed to the pot. For example, if you contribute $50 to $150 pot where the total rake taken is $3, you can get a $1 rake.


When looking for rakeback websites, go for established ones for financial safety. Check whether the website has public forums or constantly posts updates. Before signing up to the rakeback program, send the webmaster some of your concerns or the things that are unclear to you. It is vital to understand it first before signing up.

You will then start receiving your rakeback after you have signed up to the program. There is no definite schedule of the distribution of the rakeback to the players since this is the discretion of the site. However, you can have your rakeback into your account once a month.

What You Need To Know About PokerStars Rakeback Code

In 10 long years, PokerStars has become the biggest online poker room. There is a wide variety of poker games that you can choose from; even the less common ones are still included and are still popular to some people. They all want to play at pokerstars since you can choose the type of game that you want, the type of stakes and the level that is perfect for you. If you want to know the PokerStars rakeback code, they don’t actually offer rakeback. However, it is better for you to participate in their VIP club when you sign up as a first time player. Below are the details that you should take note of

  1. Play poker.
  • You will get a first deposit bonus of 100% which is up to $600.
  • The rakeback percentage is 17% to 78%.
  • The VPPs will determine your VIP level and the amount of FPP or Frequent Player Points you receive.
  • FPPs can be exchanged for cash rewards, tournament buy-ins, VIP reward bonuses and other items you can find in the VIP store of PokerStars.
  • The higher VIP level you are in, the greater the PokerStars rakeback will be.
  • Constant playing means the more you get paid.
  • There are 6 VIP levels with corresponding rakebacks: BronzeStar (17%), SilverStar (21%), GoldStar (26%), PlatinumStar (31%), Supernova (52%), and Supernova Elite (78%).
  • Rewards for each level vary. You should check out the details on their website. It will also have to depend on the country you are residing as to what rewards they offer in your area.