Online poker is the best alternative to your game night

We all have a group of buddies we like to have over for game night, when we enjoy fun poker games. But what happens when our plans don’t play out as we would have liked? It should not mean that your poker night should be ruined. The simple alternative to poker night with your friends is online poker.

With online poker, you can connect at any time you can and want. You don’t need to plan ahead. Casino games online allow you to be spontaneous, and log in to their  websites at all times. That’s one of the reasons why poker is such a huge success online . You can connect with other poker player fans, meet new people and enjoy your spare time just like you’d always wanted: by playing the best game in the world and making money while sitting comfortably at home!

How does online poker work?

Poker is a multiplayer game, so by definition you need other players to engage with and match your wits and skills. When you log in to an online poker site and sit down at a virtual table, you will be connected to the other players via the poker software. This software is also responsible for processing the information when you send the commands ’fold’,’ raise’, or ’check’.

Online poker is the best alternative to your game nightWith online poker, there are no dealers. The cards are selected randomly from a virtual deck using a random number generator (RNG). This has proven to be more effective than when you shuffle a real deck of cards during a game night with friends, as sometimes the cards are being shuffled lazily and the cards keep repeating themselves. Thanks to RNG, this is not the case. You can only see your own cards – not even the staff at the virtual poker room has acess to this protected data until the hand is finished. High tech encryption algorithms keep your cards safe wih you. Many poker sites use the same poker software and share traffic and games.

There are two forms of poker being played online – cash games and tournaments. In a cash game, during each hand, real money moves from player to player. The table limits are usually between 20x – 100x and within these limits you can buy in for as much as you want. You can also leave the game whenever you want. Depending on what is available, these can be played at a variety of stakes as No limit, Fixed limit or Pot limit games.

In the case of a tournament, you pay a set buy in and everyone plays until one person has all the chips. The tournament entry fees form a prize pool which is distributed to the top players in the game. The amount of people that receive a portion of the prize fund depends on the number of people playing. Some tournaments are scheduled to start at specific times and draw hundreds of players, resulting in huge payouts for the winner – this is known as a Multi-table Tournament (MTT). Many of these tournaments will have a set prize fund that is guaranteed by the poker room, or even money added by the site. There are also a variety of different formats that can be played.

Without a doubt, it’s time for you to try poker online and reap the benefits for yourself!

Online poker at Top Casino Sites

The latest offers from top casino sites

The latest offers from Top Casino Sites

Being a professional poker player is serious business, but where and how do you start it? Since poker is purely a mental game, it comes to no surprise that playing online poker at the top casino sites can help you a lot if you want to achieve this goal. At the same time, if you’re happy with your current career and poker is a game you play to enjoy your free time and win some extra cash,  top casino sites have deals for you too!

Poker players form a big community on the internet, always sharing news, strategies and engaging with the top casino sites for the best deals and offers. Poker player bloggers like us at love to spread the news about the best opportunities to other fellow poker players browsing the internet, researching the world of poker. Learn about tournaments, casino apps and much more and prepare to play!

We have gathered the best deals from the best online casinos so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite game right from home!  Access our links and see for yourself!

Top casino sites brought right to your home

If you’re used to going to a casino to play poker and gamble at some other favorite games, right now you don’t have to move an inch and you can have all the games you want with just one touch! An online casino means that you can carry all those fruitful games you love on the smartphone in your pocket or bring the glitz and glamour right in your home, on your tablet, laptop or desktop computer, where you can enjoy casino for hours. With online casinos, money is not a problem! Unlike in the city casinos where you can gamble with the money you have on you, at online casinos you can get bonuses and play for real money without having to risk your own! Online poker is one of the most popular games, because it clearly has advantages over the game played in physical tournaments. Online, you have much more freedom and you can relax playing in your favorite spot – indoors or outside, in your back yard or wherever, as long as you have an internet connection. Technology has allowed us to do things we did not think could be possible today, and winning poker tournaments and thousands of dollars while sitting on the toilet is one of them!

Online you can also find many books and articles about poker games and poker strategies and you can consult those links while you are playing the game! It’s so much easier to learn, to enjoy yourself and to win at online poker.

Claim a welcome bonus for new poker players at your favorite online casino and play with generous sums of free or extra money. Take your time and enjoy the experience.

If you’re really new to the world of poker, you certainly should research the game before betting, and you could also practice your knowledge of poker by playing poker video slots. It will be a nice way to unwind and make some extra cash before you can take over the world as the best poker player out there.

Play at the online casino for a comfortable but thrilling experience!

Gambling seems to have existed for ages – even in the times of the Roman Empire. It seems that the world really loves the excitement and thrill of playing for money, and that is how in the gambling houses came to be. Taking that thought to the 21st century, when everything is happening in the digital world, the casino industry moved online and now the easiest, more comfortable and enjoyable way to gamble is to play at the online casino. If you play at the online casino, you will find that you have many benefits than you did at a brick and mortar casino. Read this article to find out more!

Play at the online casino everytime you want

Before the online casinos were a common thing, you had to get dressed, get out of the house and drive to the nearest brick and mortar gambling house in order to place your bet. There, you could not (and still cannot) play any games for free, just for fun. You had to pay for your entertainment and wait for your turn at a machine if you’ve had your eyes set on a specific game and jackpot, because everybody wanted to try their luck at that machine.

Nowadays, thankfully that is all over and you can play at the online casino, even without getting out of bed! This is a time saver and so it allows you to enjoy every second of your day however you’d like. Think of all the time spent in traffic driving to the casino – now it can be used more efficiently and you can engage in many activities throughout your day.

Online casinos are within reach, and with just a tap on your smart screen or a mouse click, you can become a winner instantly! Playing online is extremely convenient and comfortable.

excited man sitting comfortably while playing online

Take advantage of the best offers

If you play at the online casino, you will receive benefits from that said casino, such as bonuses and free spins. Online casinos are very welcoming to new clients and very considerate about the needs of their loyal members, so they usually offer attractive deals. Take advantage of them and have a great time! With free spins, you can have a nice opportunity to play slots or roulette and make some quick money. If you are a new member, keep your eyes on the lookout for no-deposit bonuses, so that you can play for money without having to pay anything! The no deposit bonus is the most lucrative deal for any player, so if you come across such a deal, be sure to take it.

For loyal members, online casinos organize contests with important prizes, such as paid vacations, cruises, cars, etc. If you want to be involved in such contests, join and play at an online casino! Top casino sites are waiting for you!

If you are not the type that likes to gamble, but you love the games, you can play free online casino games. You do not need an account at a casino in order to play online for free. You can have as much fun as you’d like, as usually there are no time limits for the free online casino games. These free games come in handy whenever you’re looking for a nice distraction or if you want to practice playing your favourite games.

As you can see, it’s fun and easy to play at the online casino, so you should check them out ASAP! You are not going to regret it.