Online Poker Free E course

If you’re looking to improve your win percentages or if you?re just interested in learning to play online poker then this free poker e-course is ideal for you. There are no hidden costs and its 100% free.

The course will take you through the most important basics of online poker to ensure that you have a firm foundation on which to build a strong online poker strategy.
It will focus on the most popular form of online poker, Texas Holdem Poker. In this e-course I will reveal some very useful tips and online poker secrets which will undoubtedly make you a more formidable online poker player.
You will be taught how to read your opponents hands. By being able to pick up on some of the common betting techniques of online poker players you’ll see how easy it can be to determine if they are holding a strong hand or just trying to bluff.
Any good poker strategy begins by determining which opening hands to bet on and which to fold. The best poker players in the world are very selective over the hands they choose to bet on and will actually fold as many as 70% of their opening hands.
What makes these players so good is the fact that they are very aggressive players and selective over their hands, once they’ve decided to bet on a hand they go in aggressively and dominate the hand to ensure that they maintain the winning advantage.
I will also introduce you to an online poker program which actually tracks your game while you’re playing online. This software is very powerful, it calculates the chances you have of winning each hand based on the cards you’ve been dealt.
One of its amazing features is that it actually advises you how to play the hand you’ve been dealt. Using detailed algorithms this software will show you how to play a mathematically perfect hand, by weighing up all the facts like how many players are left in the game, the odds of winning and so on.
This Free Online Poker e-Course will give you all the skills needed to be a successful online poker player.
Online Poker e-Course Schedule:
Week 1 – Online Poker Basics
Week 2 – Poker Hand Rankings
Week 3 – Online Poker Tournaments
Week 4 – Online Poker Strategy
Week 5 – Online Poker Tells
Week 6 – Online Poker Software
Registration for the Online Poker Free E-Course is very simple. Just fill in your name and email address below and we’ll forward the all the information you’ll need to get started immediately. NOTE: Your email address will be kept secure at all times.
The most successful online poker players often measure their success by their average winnings per hour. For instance, after two or three hours of online poker a player might aim to have won about $10 at low-limit poker tables.